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  Mission Statement  

The goal of the Catoosa Performance Learning Center is to graduate students who possess the necessary skills for success in post-secondary education and the workplace through the provision of an optional, unique learning environment that is both caring and challenging.

  About The School  

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Catoosa Performance Learning Center

The Catoosa Performance Learning Center (PLC) was created in 2004 to serve students in high school who were at risk for graduating from high school. The school began with 75 students and can now serve approximately 120 students. Communities in Schools (CIS), a national, non-profit organization, designed the original Performance Learning Center model.

Students from the three traditional high schools in the county are referred to the PLC for a number of reasons but primarily because they are behind in the credits required for graduation. The process starts at the high school guidance office who operates on a student caseload basis. If a referral is made, the parents and student fill out an application. Once that is received, our principle conducts an interview with the student and family to analyze the student data and design a plan for finishing high school. At that time, expectations, goals and sometimes health plans are put into place so that the student can be successful.

 The school’s enrollment fluctuates almost daily, but the average number of students enrolled is between 100 and 110. The staff consists of the principal, seven highly-qualified (HQ) core subject area teachers, two HQ special education teachers, and a full time guidance counselor. The Gateway program is also housed in the building, and it consists of students who have been assigned for a certain period of time through the disciplinary tribunal process. The Gateway program has a teacher, a paraprofessional, and a special education teacher assigned to the classroom.

For operational purposes, a secretary/receptionist, a bookkeeper, one fulltime and one part time custodian as well as a cafeteria manager and part time assistant are employed at the school.

The Communities in Schools staff, also located in the building, has provided a nurse and a clinic to meet student health needs. The clinic operates with telemedicine technology which offers students immediate access to a medical team.

One more department is a permanent occupant of the facility which is the Department of Special Education for the Catoosa County Public Schools. The director of special education along with assistants, secretaries, clerks, psychologists and other specialists bring knowledge, expertise and resources to the campus.


PLC Traditions

" us define who we are: they provide something steady, reliable, and safe in a confusing world."

                                                                                  - Susan Lieberman

At the PLC, we have established several traditions which our students and staff can look forward to as milestones in their educational journey.  Some of the traditions which take place on a regular basis include Awards Days, where we recognize and celebrate our successes after each grading period.  

A big tradition that has become very important to all of us is our bell ringing ceremony.  At the PLC, students who work hard are able to complete their high school education early and are not bound to the traditional full semester in each course.  When a student has completed their educational requirements and is ready to say goodbye to the PLC and go out into the world beyond our doors, we give him/her a chance to tell us where they have come from and where they are going.

Our end of the year tradition to recognize our graduates is called the Aloha Luau.  At this event, always held on the Tuesday of graduation week, we call each student up and read words of encouragement and blessing written by their teachers/staff and show a slide show of their pictures growing up and at the PLC.  We also present the Beth Kellerhals Scholarship to one or two students, and then the families, students, and staff enjoy refreshments as we cherish our last time together.